Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swiss Post

Dear Colleagues,

Trust and credibility are essential values for Swiss Post. To ensure that these remain at a high level, it is important for the company and its employees comply with the law. Are you aware of any activities at Swiss Post which are against the law? If so, you can report these activities on the Swiss Post Courage website. Be courageous, as there is no need to be afraid of any negative consequences. If you wish, you can leave an anonymous message. There is no way that your identity can be traced, as Swiss Post Courage is operated via an external website from the specialist company EQS Group.
I would like to thank you for fulfilling your responsibility towards the company. I can personally guarantee that your report will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with by Internal Auditing.

Yours sincerely

 Urs Schwaller, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swiss Post